Q: sudden brake dragging on 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

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at interstate speed i have sudden brake dragging (i think). sort of roaring noise, hard to excelerate. vibration in brakes when i brake. replaced brake pads, (C Max Golds) rotors, calipers, bled brakes. there was some air. was fine for about 2 weeks after bleeding then started again. replaced master cylinder cap. Master cylinder and brake booster was replaced approx 2 years. ago. replaced hub bearings (both sides)
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I wish I could help you but I have the same problem with mine. It has been sittin on my driveway for three months now and still no one can figure it out .... I think it has to do with the computer . I even changed the abs and still nothing. These cars are known for this. If you figure it out let me know or ill let you know . Im taking it to the dealer for the last time to run a diagnostic on it. Good Luck !!!