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Subaru Impreza WRX (7 Reviews)
great car. only bad thing I can think of is that it is too low. scrapes a lot and the front lip is all ready cracked. I got this car for a fun all year round car and it might be to low for snow.
We bought this used in 2004 with 24K miles. Now at 220,000 miles and still going strong. It is a joy to drive.
I love this car, the only thing is, the motor was rebuilt prior to me purchasing the car.... After the rebuild the car drove amazing, after replacing a hose that goes to the turbo that was broken causing an intake leak. Later, i noticed my car was going through gas like i have never seen, i ran OBD2 Diag. on it.... Short term fuel trim is at -25 at idle!! and also while driving. I did some research and was looking at Blow Off Valves... noticed that the stock was a recirculating BOV. I disconnected the hose that ran from the BOV to the intake system so i could get the "pshhh"... could that be what is causing my fuel problem?? Should i re-connect that hose? Or are theyre any other ideas on what i should do. I cannot drive the car until it is fixed because the gas mileage is so terrible.
Only had this car 7 months and is my daily driver. Perfect blend of performance and practicality with good safety ratings too.
Only thing that I feel cheated on are the brakes. I mean everyone else has nice big 4 pot, 2 pot brakes, and we are the ones who have to upgrade and spend that much more on brake set ups and the money on them. :( kinda sad , but I have 2 Bug-eyes and love them both!
purchased second hand in 2006. Still going strong in 2010. Basically only regular maintenance needed. Very reliable.
A delight for 7 years and 100K mi.