Q: Subaru Struts and catalyti converters replacement on 2002 Subaru Impreza

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My 2002 Impreza RS has approx 110,000 miles , all highway. I have recently had to change my front and rear struts. My check engine light has been on so when I took it in, was told that the catalytic converters and front oxygen sensor needs to be replaced. Anyone has had similar experiences with their Subaru ?
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There have been some updates to the Subaru Oxygen sensors. They had some problems with the element prematurely cracking. There may be some help avaliable from the manufacturer because this is a known problem with 2000-2003 Subarus. I am curious why the Cat converters need replacing. Is there a P0420 code (CAT failure code), are they rattling? There should be a logical reason. Having a bad Oxygen sensor should not wipe out the Cats because the computer will automatically go into a back-up mode to protect the CAT. It has stored values of known good reading from the front Oxygen sensor before it failed and the computer can utilize these for different driving conditions. I hope that this info is helpful.
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