2017 Subaru Outback Questions

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The Subaru MAP-update procedures describe downloading the maps onto a subaru sd-card and apply the new maps thru an USB SD-Card reader via a USB-hub.
My problem: can't find an sd-card in the 8-inch headunit.
Any suggestions how the updates are done?
If possible at all: I like to add European maps onto my US-built Outback
Car dealership manager said the wheels do not turn in the screen while backing up. My F-150, and infinity do...These are the green bars in the screen. There are also orange bars and red bars noted as hitting when you back up in the screen.

Dead as can be no clicks nothing
Had to jump car 3 times. Battery cell dead. they updated the software on the alternator so battery could charge more efficiently. Subaru dealer said this has been a common problem. Would have been nice if they informed us rather than this occurrence disrupt a trip far from home and a dealership. Now, cannot control passenger window and dash read out info is gone. Taking it back in.
2017 Outback, driven it twice & noted passenger airbag off light stays on while driving with no passenger. Is this normal?
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