2016 Subaru Outback Questions

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There is no dip stick, how do I check the tranny fluid and/or add some?
Hi! Changed from winter to summer tires. Got an Info light on ...oil engine pic on...eyesight pic on and another pic on. Oil is fine by the way. Should I take to the dealer or will it work itself out.
Key fob has a dead battery and need to open the doors and start car to get home from work
ABS, Brake and traction control lights are illuminated and function impaired until weather dries out and warms up?
When backing out of garage, the gears grind. Service manager states that exact sequence when pulling in and parking must be followed: 1- foot brake, 2-put in park, 3, engage parking brake, 4- turn off engine. This works, but it seems ridiculous. This car also has a hesitation in changing from reverse to drive. Do I have a lemon?
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