2015 Subaru Outback Questions

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The a/c in my Outback will not come on when car starts (especially after sitting in heat on a 90-100 degree day). After about 10 minutes, the a/c usually starts working. On a recent trip (12 hours in car), the issue began to happen while driving the car (a /c stopped working then started working again). On that trip, the a/c was loud (heard it clicking) but not air was coming out. When it started working correctly again, the noise subsided. The issue does not happen all of the time (live in Florida), but it is happening more often now than when it started about 2 months ago (once or twice a week now versus once every two weeks).
I took as much as possible out with a syringe and added more oil. will the car be OK?
Twice now have had a melted spot on my shifter console. Looks like something hot drug across it but not. Concern is fire hazard. Are there wires running under this plate that might be getting hot when using cigarette receptacle in glove box for GPS etc.. Is not hot during driving with nothing in use. Puzzling!
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