2011 Subaru Outback Questions

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These lights are flashing on and off. What is the problem.
The front drivers side door has to be unlocked manually.
The car does not start all of the time. The battery is new.
Nothing on the floor, fill cap dry and on tight. Haven't run over anything.
The electrical seat adjuster was jammed for the first time this morning on the right side on the passenger side.
Are there diagrams or instructions anywhere on the internet to pull apart the tailgate to get to the camera?

I get a blue square on my review mirror and then it turns off completely...

leak cause
front crankcase seals or oil pump?
and now water pump....maybe. May need a new engine. I don't how a simple overheat will destroy the engine.
When floor heat is selected, doesn't seem to work well at all. In fact, more heat comes out of the defrost vents on the front window than comes out the floor vent on one's feet.
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