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Cost to replace a lowbeam headlamp
Vehicle had water pump replaced at 97,000. Head gaskets at 117,000 and now at 171,000 we have had three thermostats replaced. Good coolant flow with thermostat removed, pump has been checked, radiator has been flushed and checked with pyrometer?
A couple years ago my button to release the gas cap opening stopped working and I have had to use my car keys to open this. There have been times when it does pop open but this is very rare. Why would this be happening?
My tire light comes on now and again. The first time this happened it was obvious that one of my tires was low on air. But lately this tire late has been coming on and all 4 tires have the perfect amount of air pressure in them. Why is this?
Sometimes when I make a sharp turn my car makes this loud clunking sound. This also can happens at times when I brake. It doesn't happen all the time. Doesn't seem to make a difference what the weather is either.
And on my dash, the check engine, brake light, cruise control, and anti swerve light all on. Caliper been inspected and is functions
I live at the end of 2 miles of very rough gravel road. My Outback is making a lot of noise underneath. Since lubricating zerk fittings are a thing of the past, what do I do?
Began as an intermittent problem and now is continuous. These lights came on once under warranty and I was informed it was the gas cap. I purchased a new gas cap this time with no change in the dash indicators. The diagnostics state the fuel mix is too lean (before or after stage one I believe).
overheats in 5 minutes even with coolant replacement, coolant quickly boils off
Never had issues before. Care has 74500 miles. No warning lights or alarms on dash.
I've replaced each of my low beam headlights twice in under 60K and the dealer has told me that type of bulb can't take a lot of bumps...come on?
Can you give estimated cost for replacing the driver side rear door panel for 2010 Subaru Outback
problem every two days, code unknown, happens at engine start-up and continues until serviced, only to re-startin two days
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