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I purchased a 2006 Subaru Outback and have had it in the Subaru Service department twice over this issue since purchase. I've replaced the Steering Pump, hoses on the car, put on new tires and had this Sensor issue worked on twice; to the tune of 2K in Service Repairs since purchase.. Enough!... The Tire Pressure TPMS Light will not stop blinking on and off when driving. The Subaru Service Dept. has reset the sensor twice and checked the tire pressure... Nothing seems to help. It's really a beautiful car with very, very low mileage.. But, I won't keep a car that I can't get fixed.. Any ideas?
This happened as I pulled onto a busy street from a parking lot. The car lost acceleration, stalled and stranded me in a turn lane. I fired it up...started but no response from gas pedal. Turned car off for about 2 minutes, recovered accelerator response and moved car back into parking lot. Let car sit for a moment, started again but check engine light on and cruise light flashing. Saw a post from someone else on this forum about resetting cruise control circuit. Tried it and it worked after a couple tries. Both check engine light and cruise are off now. Safe to drive or do I have a more serious problem? Car seems to be running ok now. Suggestions?
bought mine with 220k and at 225k the oil was leaking from oil filter seal, and my driver side head gasket. 2.5-3k to replace.
What are the chances I will have the same issues and expense others have had if I buy a 2006 outback, 4 cylinder, 43000 miles? They will replace head gasket and certify the car.
I have had my car in Bethel, Alaska for 3 years. It is very cold and conditions are rough. the car has not had a problem starting (in below zero temperatures)…but I am wondering if it is worth taking with me when I move. Does the cold weather permanently mess up the car? How about the transmission? Does salt on the icy roads hurt the car?
Thank You.
How much would it cost to replace my airbag sensor? It is on steady (not flashing) when I drive. It's the dash light, not the passenger light. Just happened today, we have had VERY cold weather lately.
The car dealership replaced a "heating control unit" and it seems they "forgot" to check the plug. If I go back to let them do it It'll be my fourth 20 mile/2hr round trip back for a second mistake they made while "repairing" my car.
60,000 miles, car runs perfectly, no symptoms, brought it in for inspection (Subaru dealer), told I need $3500 in repairs, including head gasket, front axles and front arm bushings. Second opinion seems obvious. Any other suggestions?
reGearbox e-4at a problem only when the car is stored several hours, starting slowly at a gear and often hitting very sharpported fault code po700 po734 po732
Average cost of timing belt replacement for this car?

2.5L H4 SFI SOHC 16V
The head gasket has been repaired and timing belt changed. I have 112K miles on the car. After the repair I was still having the same problem. Running out of oil/engine light on/ dip stick dry. What do you think is the issue, and is it repairable?
bulbs look good.Wires seem intact. Whats wrong here..thanks..bob
Not the entire axle just the inner rubber boot. I understand the part can avg. about $60
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