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The bumper hit hard enough that the rail and bumper piece are now stuck together. My question is, is this frame damage, or is this rail different than the frame? I know it's not as safe as it was before. The body shop tells me it's not a driveability issue--it's completely driveable, but they were saying they wouldn't know what would happen if that car got rear ended again. Can anyone help me figure this out?

I know this is a body work question, not so much mechanical, but figured someone might have an answer. Thank you ever so much.
My oil temp is coming on ! It’s saying at oil temp. But when I try to start my car it will not stay started
2004 Outback Limited, purchased used in 2014 w/107,000 miles, currently with 134,588. A/C clutch started to fail, Fall of 2015, and eventually froze. Replaced A/C compressor unit with a Used unit, Spring 2016.

What has been done: 1) Used a/c compressor unit installed. 2) Full evac of a/c system. 3) Leak test - passed (-25 atm held for 45 mins) 4) Refill with coolant using 2oz red dye, 3oz oil & 17oz R134a.

System runs smoothly, clutch engaging, cold air blowing for the first 15-40 minutes at idle, then it goes warm. If I turn a/c off for a few minutes and turn back on, will blow cold again for about 1 minute. This was happening when the outside air temp was in the 60's, below 80's (not sure if it's relevant?). When the outside air temp was 89degrees and the car was up to temp, a/c wouldn't blow, clutch wouldn't engage. I've swapped A/C and Blower relays, same results. I installed new A/C Expansion Valve and A/C Receiver Drier too. Clutch @.27mm -.3mm

Is there some kind of a/c temp/thermistor sensor that I missed? Ready to pull my hair out!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated - Mel
is there a main fuse or breaker that could have blown?
I have a 2004 Subaru Outback LL Bean H6 3.0 & the AC is not blowing out cold air. When AC is turned on there is a slight hum under the hood, but no cold air. There is oil residue on the line connection stretching from the front of the engine to the back. What do I do - I have someone that may be able to work on the vehicle for me, but otherwise would greatly appreciate the verbiage for this fix so I can communicate it to the mechanic. Thank u.
It blows it out of the cylinder repeatedly. The plug was not cross-threaded so I really don't know wat to do.
I may buy a used system 03 with 68K mls on it to put the parts Cat. converters into my 04 outback
This happened in the morning and the evening and now the light is on steady.
Have a chance to purchase a used, replacement radio/cd player for our Outback, but unsure how to safely remove hardware around existing radio + the radio/cd-player, & then install the replacement. Appreciate any gudiance, so I can tackle this myself - will cost ~$170 in labor alone @ my service dept, tho they are willing to install a unit I bring to them!
Car has 127,000 miles, runs great and I plan on keeping it
The input shaft has very slight play in it but theout put shaft will move 1/8 inch in any direction It's starting to make a gear noise in 1-4 gears.
customer has no dome lights,gas,mileage or time. The cruise light keeps flashing, the radio light off....the clock stuck at 1:00....engine light on constant...we check all fuses and relays...not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions?
My son was driving our 2004 Outback tdoay ant the drivers door caught on fire. Apparently an electrical fire that spread to dash windshield area. Fire dept put out the fire. Why did it happen, what should we do, who should pay, who should repair? Car had been great until this odd inexplicable event.
I have a 2004 Subaru Outback LL Bean H6 3.0. The AC works great idling in the parking lot, but after driving for about 10 minutes it starts blowing warm air. If it sits overnight it works again until I drive it. Any ideas?
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