2003 Subaru Outback Questions

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I think it clicks one time but won't trun over or start.... but the lights work.
Engine is ruined and stopped running while it was on the road
engined ruined with zero oil in it
2.5L SOHC, got P1112 & P1112 p/d, now I cleaned out pressure sensor now no mil on, only P1112 p/d, but still Boggs and I'm told 1112 is a low circuit value, what should I test with meter?
The boots do have small cracks along the seams and there is some leakage. But I have not experienced any ill symptoms. Is this enough to justify a repair
bill of $900 ?
Current mileage is 137,000 miles. What is the downside of leaving them as they are. My funds are pretty limited, and I would like to get another year or two out of this fine car.
The dealer spent 4 hrs trying to determine cause without success. Their next step was putting in a new/or used harness. Ka-ching ka-ching Ka-ching!!! Have not given the go ahead. I think the code they got was 42.
2005 subaru outback. I had timing belt replaced at 100,000 miles, but not the water pump. I now have 150,000 miles. So I'm trying to decide if I should get water pump replaced or wait until 200,000 miles when I replace the timing belt again. Or maybe I don't even need to do it at that time?
started hearing a gear whining sound on highway then a clicking and grinding sound began, pulled off the road and it takes a couple of seconds for it to shift into gear while car is at a stand still.
I was told my engine had been leaking oil from gaskets ever since my last oil change. My engine oil supposedly showed a lot of engine damage. No oil smell ever, no oil drips beneath my car in garage, NO engine oil light ever displayed in car, and car driving perfectly. Perfectly. ZERO sign of ANYTHING wrong with the car. And all this information comes my way the day I bring it in to SUBARU for its 90,000 mile service. By the way I have a perfect service/maintenance record.
The front wheels also jump when turning.
had the heads re-done and now can't get it to run
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