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I bought a new battery and the dashboard lights came on works fine but when I went to start it up after work it started but down the street it stopped and dashboard lights went out and the key wouldn’t come out what else can it be??? No noises or any kind or leaks
While driving,everything fine then suddenly and without prior problems, lost power. Pulled over checked under the hood. No smoking, no leaking of anything and serpentine belt was fine. Replaced radiator two months ago. Had one head gasket seal replaced year and a half ago. It could be a number of things since we haven"t done a whole lot of major maintenance on the vehicle.Original tranny fluid too. It has regular oil changes and is in great condition considering her age.
Hello fellow vehicle friends i have a subaru outback wagon manual im putting the tranny back in. But i can't remember if the shift linkage had a spring or a bolt or what just curious if anyone had some answers?
Where or how do i track down electrical, or wire issues. Mechanically it works, just no signal ? Where do i start? Is there a main electrical unit?
panel lights (brake .light & battery light). stay on. all other functions work, then the next day everything is normal.
When the ABS light comes on I have a power surge to lights - making it impossible to drive car at night, a very powerful power surge. Does not happen all the time but is happening more and more help!
set the marks on both cams and crank and nothing it will crank but does not run i have set it a few times and nothing, any ideas or tricks to it
This problem presented itself as soon as I drove it from the dealer (as a new car) but it was intermittent so the dealer would not repair it claiming that the problem did not really exist. Recently the switch stopped working completely and I have a window stuck down and therefore cannot drive the car.
None of the window switches work to turn windows up and down. I replaced the driver door window switch motor, but it didn't help. Ive had this problem on and off for years, but lately the windows-none of them will work at all. Yes, I know there is a window lock button on the door switch and that is NOT the reason for the problem but no mechanics can tell me what needs to be done. Can you help?
all systems are functioning properly it is safe to drive it. This has been occurring for over a year, and I still get 31 pmg..when I put a plastic bag over the gas cap, sometimes that solves the problem. Just the other nite I was driving in San Diego and it went off and the next day it came back on. All systems seem to be working well..thanks, poppycoco
The ABS will stay on until the car is stopped. Also recently went on a trip where my cruise control wouldn't work when my headlights were on after the ABS light had come on.
Code went away and came back, could this have been caused by sub. freezing weather...on highway engine temp went below normal range.
The engine light came after starting in very cold weather and the engine temp stayed below normal oper. range. However it is normal now so why the code?
Thanks, Skeptic
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