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Cold start no problem. Changed fuel filter no change 1999 subaru outback
I just did a headgasket job on my 2000 subaru outback. The problem im having is i have one bilt that seems to look like a bellhousing bolt but its not cause my motor and tranny are bolted back together and i have no empty holes where it could go. I have checked the power stearing and air conditioner aswell as the alternator cant not seem to figure out where it goes. Wondering if anyone has an idea what im missing possibly? Thank you
Over 15 mph, my 2000 OBW has a sound that increases with speed. it's a rythmic grumble in the left side. I can feel it vibrating under my feet, that gets louder and faster as I drive along. What is causing the sound?
Only upon startup, and this doesn't happen every time. I go to start my car and notice the rpm will go up to 2000 - sometimes even as high as 3000 and back way down. And then it will teeter-totter up and down again, it will chug, the headlights flicker and it sounds like the engine is going to cut out completely. It feels as if it almost starts too fast and not 100%. It will shake while doing this and then it will settle out after a minute and run normal. This only happens upon startup and we have noticed it happens more frequently after the car has been running all day / is warmed up, as this doesn't tend to happen when we barely run the car or upon the first start up of the day. Sometimes it will start normal, other times it starts weird. We have checked the air lines and haven't noticed any sign of a hole or malfunction. We regularly take it for oil changes and keep up on maintenance as it has 201000 miles on it and is our daily driver.. What could it be??
We just had to replace the turn signal, alternator, and radiator. Now the transmission has died. Is this worth replacing? The car has about 120,000 miles on it. We've put in about 1500 and it'll cost another 1800. What else is left to go wrong?
I have a limited addition outback 2.5 4 cylinder. Is it a non interference engine?
My Headlight on switch doesn't sound an alarm if left on, and I forgot and left them on overnight. The problem is that both low beam bulbs have burned out. A friend and I tried switching relay fuses from high to low to see if any changes but no. Do you have any suggestions?
Please base this estimate on a rear engine cradle from a previously owned car not a new cradle. Thank you
My car broke down down on me and would not turn on after it shut down instantly. I checked out my battery alternator and starter also timing belt. I still don't know what is wrong with my car.
no fuses are blown, the air system is still connected, when you put the car under load it bogs like it's getting to little fuel, or to much air, the RPMS drop as soon as you throttle whether in neutral or in gear, it will loose RPMs so much it it will drop below idle and the car will stall and shut down.
gas smell is pretty strong. not exhaust fumes. im asuming when in motion the smell is being left behind cause of air and speed
Started as a belt squeal and quickly became a lot worse it's not tac unit and soudns like it's coming from the bottom pulley
Three years ago I bought a 2000 Subaru Outback with a 2003 engine and transmission. Last year we replaced the front passenger axle. This past weekend, the same axle failed, and after we replaced it, we're now hearing a rumbling what sounds like a transmission or drive train issue. When we replaced the axle this time, we had to use a lot of force to get it out. On a side note, I've been having to use the by pass button to get the car out of park, especially when it's cold. Does this sound like transmission to you??
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