1999 Subaru Legacy Outback Questions

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what happens when #4 cylinder is low compression in 1999 Subaru legacy outback looking to buy a used vehicle but concerned what if any repair from this issue
i took off the alternator and took it to autozone to have it tested. it failed so i figured i had a bad alternator. Replaced it same day and now it sounds worse. it doesn't sound like it gets spark or proper ignition. no check engine lights on. also noticed a oil leak coming from the oil pressure switch underneath the alternator.
I cleaned out the gutters in the sun roof. I pored water into the gutters and watched the water flow to the ground behind the passengers side front wheel. On the drivers side, I poured water in the gutter of the sun roof and watched the water fall from under the dash to the floor board next to the wheel fender. How do I replace the hose that seems to be missing on the drivers side?
Ever since the engine was replaced.
help please
When driving in town (30 MPh or so) my auto outback shifts back & forth between 2nd & 3rd gears. When I get on freeway it won't shift into the lowest gear & stays pinned high in 4000s rpms. When I come to a stop the rpms sometimes Rev up & down like it's gonna die. It also shifts very hard. Sometimes there seems to be no problem except for going on the freeway & not having the car shift into a lower cruising speed gear. I've been told that it could be my torque converter & I'm wondering your thoughts. Thank you.
where is it located?
The car worked perfectly fine until recently. The fuses/relays at the time looked fine as well.
Looking for a time estimator
a trip from nc to florida and they suggested that I change the timing belt with water pump plus new power steering pump at a cost of 1028 dollars but with no apparent problems showing at present time. Please help.
I have a 2.2 L engine to replace my burnt out 2.5L. What is needed to do this? In other words. what specific steps must I take, and do I require additional parts?


I'm looking to help a friend swap out a bad 5-speed for a used one.

What year range donor cars can I pick from?

99 only? 96-99? 99- 06?

Thanks and let me know
I had the radiator replaced several times, recently new timing belt, new water pump and tune up. Headed out for Alaska and it over heated...Another new radiator and another overheating...Now I am told a new head gasket will take care of the problem. Could it be something more?
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