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I bottomed out in someone driveway now my gas has been leaking out from bottom of tank is there anything i can do besides getting a new tank that wont cost alot of money
I changed the waterpump, the radiator, the thermostat, and even the radiator cap. It is still running hot when you drive down the road but don't get hot at idle.
Answer. 408,000 miles still going strong but where is.this Damn sensor the IAT sensor? ??
So far Ive replaced the spark plugs & wires, fuel filter & air filter & cleaned out the throttle all to no avail It happens at all speeds and is getting worse.
A few days ago my rear passinger side brakes started making a very loud noise-sort of a grinding. The noise would continue for quite awhile after the brake was off & I was driving. Ive been advised by a friend who test drove it that its probably just a rock stuck in my brakes?
I bought a 1997 Subaru Outback 1 year ago while my son was temporarily home - so I don't have any repair or service records. It's got about 120k on it
He came home and said it was running poorly.(He got it home.) When I tried to start it it would crank easily but not start.(Battery is OK.) I had it towed to my mechanic and he told me a bolt had broken that holds the tensioner and the timing belt and tensioner needed to be replaced. BUT since it had been driven with the faulty timing belt there was a good chance that there was engine damage. He needs to replace the timing belt and tensioner in order to run the engine to check for more damage. Is it worth it to spend the $700 to replace the timing belt and tensioner to find out if the engine is damaged. Because if the engine is damaged I can't see how it would be worth it to repair the engine damage on a car this old.
Gas smell in interior occurs when car is stopped or running.Gas smell is not evident from outside of vehicle. Had mechanic check and tighten clamps on fuel hoses to no avail. Mechanic unable to locate origin of interior gas smell.
Extreme temperature right now. 12 below wind chill. Hopefully weather is affecting this? Is it safe to drive? Brakes seem fine.
1997 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon 2.5L made in march! Well I was driving and the car was its normal self! I was at at red light and was flipping a you turn.. All of the sudden my car started shaking and lost all the power .. Kinda like it was running out of gas it would burly drive... I went straight to the auto parts store to get it scanned.. The codes read something like fan or temp problum.. But the car never overheats at all and now when it runs it shakes like crazy has no power burly drives but its not hot.. and a code 1,2,3 misfire ? but I pulled one spark plug wire off the coil pack at a time> While the car was running> The driver side wires when pulled off one at a time > They had alot of spark and made a big differences in idle and the way it ran you could hear the change good. Now I pull the passenger side off and they seemed to not change much at all but they did have spark.. Shouldent booth sides be the same when pulled off?? also my plugs on one side are tan they look good.. But the 2 spark plugs on the passenger side were super black and dirty looks kinda like diesel suet. I did a new battery,fuelpump,airfilter,coilpack,sparkplugs,wires,fuelfilter,knocksenser.. Still wont run right still the same problem. It Starts but burly runs and drives.. I pulled the exhaust manifold off to look at the cats and same thing.. Where it comes off the head its tan and rusty color on the driver yet on the passenger side its black like a diesel .. I Ran it with new plugs again and new wires and old coil pack same thing .. So I pulled the plugs after it ran for like 30 minutes and the same thing driver side was good. Yet the passenger side plugs were already black and they were wet.. Looks like gas on them not oil. So I have spark have fuel.. Whats wrong?? Im gana do a compression test asap> But on this car can the timing jump on the passenger side a tooth?? And run like this or is the timing off some how?? Maby bad rings or bent valve?? If so why whould that happen flipping a u-turn?? It seems like it couldent >> And there may be a wiring problem.. Why I say this is because the driver side of the engin seems like it has 3 times the spark as the black passenger sige when I Pulled them off one at a time. almost like a timing thing.. Please help ... Has anyone seen this before .. I love working on cars. I can always fix them after awhile .. But this thing is so confusing.
though they have been replaced with new parts. I can be driving and my car will cut off it usually will restart but sometimes it takes a while.
ABS Light remains on the dashboard. What does it mean? Can the Anti-Lock Braking System be fixed on a 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon? How much does it cost in parts and labor? What are the possible reasons for the ABS Light to remain on on the dashboard?
I think my head gasket is trashed. I had a flat tire 2 blocks from home, so I slowly (meaning < 5 mph) drove it back to the parking lot in my apartment complex. As I pulled into the lot, I noticed black smoke from pouring from the rear of the vehicle. I don't want to start the car because it may cause further damage. If, by chance it is a head gasket, can someone give me a rough estimate on how much it would cost to repair it? Or, would it even be worth it?
I revisited this site because the folks here provided me with no BS answers when I had to replace my clutch kit about 9 months ago. In realty, the advice I received saved me hundreds of $!!! I was able to find someone to replace the clutch for $550--PARTS AND LABOR. Granted, that's a lot of $ for someone as poor as I am, but considering the difficulty of the repair, by comparison, it was a fair price. Local shops wanted to charge me from $900 - 1,500 to replace it.
Clutch was replaced last year after it failed (the release fork was cracked). Pedal is just as stiff as it was with the old clutch. Also, the clutch release point on the pedal gets lower & lower as the vehicle warms up. No external fluid leak. Is it maybe an internal leak in the master? Thanks.
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