1996 Subaru Legacy Outback Questions

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when shifting gears and clutch is let out the car makes a grinding noise almost sounds like a brake dragging shifts fine brakes work fine check engine light also on and sometimes abs light
Cat senor code
I was told there is oil everywhere underneath. Definitely valve covers leaking. Front cam/crank seals leaking behind timing cover and the coolant is leaking upfront. Can you estimate how much it will cost to repair and how long to do it?
Thanx so much.
would the cap missing from the back pressure transducer cause a check engine light and an 0400 code to show
this morning check engine light fashing, sounds like not all cylinders. vibrating. any thoughts?
Switched engine now ck engine light is on shows po400 egr prob butt no ck engine light was on in either car before engine swap do i have to change ecm feom other car?
Is it worth saving
wether getting cold and i starting to see the problam in the morning again, in cold wether only. The missfire only last for few seconds but it lives the check engine light.Which is #4 missfire. Every time its happening when you drive the car for one mile, its funny because every day morning after living home and when i get a same spote the car start seems like missfire starts when the Temp.gauge start to come up and stop missfire when gauge reach at middle. my spark plugs are new and plug wires new,i swap the coil pack from my friends subaru, my timing belt done by delar year back. plug and wire are oem. thanks
problem has just started after replacing headgasket
what type of oil is used in 1996 subaru legacy outlack 2.5L 4 cylinder
I was told I need to replace water pump and a timing belt kit. And I'm not sure how much I should be paying for these repairs. My car is a 5-speed manual shift.I was driving it when it cut off. I could not get it started after that. I had sensors changed because that is what the car computer had said what was setting of the engine light. It still would not start.
what is cost for heater core 1996 subura legacy outback
all systems point to problem
drivers side rear, seems to leaking above the gas tank.
trouble code: p1101 for subaru legacy outback 1996 check engine. resette before inspection, it pass. second year pass again after resette.
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