1995 Subaru Legacy Outback Questions

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It always starts in morning.Error codes told me cylinder 3 misfired? 2 other codes and forgot at moment.Will get those this sat.Only 146000 miles on it .Just had timing belt replaced 3000 miles or so ago.Thanks!IfI can get spark plug 3 out that would help I guess,where on engine is cyl . number 3.
I'm wondering if anyone knows about the tranny on these and if I need to totally replace the tranny or if it may be something simple. Thanks for the input! I lost reverse 3 weeks ago and it came back and went out 2 more times since. Now it is totally gone. There doesn't seem to be any other issues with any of the drive gears that's why I think it may be able to be fixed without replacing the tranny.
rotors and brakes replaced Jan '13. When driving at least 70mph I get a lot of shake, tremble feeling when steering. What could cause this, other than low air in tires or replacing tires? Don't think it is struts or suspension. not up and down movement more side to side.
was told by the motorheads at work that its not the cv joints, it reminds me when i left a truck in 4 wheel drive and hit dry pavement...kinda like that....any idea? should i just take it in to a repair shop?
Would a 1995 Outback (5 speed) w/ ~300,000 mi. on it still have a few good miles left if the engine and transmission seem fine? Would $1,500 be a reasonable price if anything needed to pass inspection were done? Thanks.

1995 subaru legacy L wagon with over 200k miles on it.
I needed to replace oil pump for quit some time because it was leaking but i just will add oil and run the car more,.
But recently one morning i barely could start and as i tried to push pedal for more gas it started chocking instead of accelerating. Like would be running on empty gas tank. I tried that later in the day it started normally but when it warmed up i released the clutch car had trouble keeping enough RPM's to get car running. On second gear car even had more trouble running and shifting up become impossible chocking, jerking and died couple of times on me while i was riding. It actually never happened before for this car. Fuel system, wiring, and oil pump what could really cause that to happen?
After start and warmup engine idle lopes and is erratic. Cant find any vacuum leaks, replaced clogged and dirty pcv valve, replaced MAF sensor, and TPS....any suggestions?
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