2011 Subaru Legacy Questions

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Does the Subaru Legacy 2011 4 cylinder has timing belt or timing chain?
I know most older legacy's have head gasket issues, does the 2011 have this problem still?
Still has power at higher speeds. Legacy has 162xxx miles on it. Had a trouble code " P0026 ". Disconnected battery and cleaned all connections I could find! Trouble code went away, has not returned! PS. Engine light is not on!
What seems to make the problem better or worse? All the time
How long have you had this problem? A little while now
Ac blows warm air. Compressor is ok and condenser works checks out too. All relays were tested and are good. Seems the ac fan is not getting message from computer. Any suggestions.
Doesn't want to start the engine and if it starts it doesn't accelerate. What can I do?
I accidentally grabbed the collar whole shifting into 6th gear on the highway. Lots of grinding, now no reverse. Seems like it shifts in but as soon as I let off the clutch more grinding and it pops out of gear. Thanks for any help
I like to perform my own maintenance on my vehicles and since this is my first Subaru it would be good reference.
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