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Have a 2010 Subaru Legacy an my check engine and traction control lights keep coming on solid light and the break warning light an cruise control blinking all at the same time reset it once an it happened again in less than a week car still running/acting/sound is normal Was Suggested its because of the battery it will need to be replaced
So I am wondering what your opinion is on why it's happening thank you for your time and look forward to your response
What is causing a constant ticking noise behind the dash?
It like when you have a shiver in the winter time.
be stop at a light bor stop sign and rpm will drop and come right back up. It is like the car does shiver like when you get a chill you schiver to shack it off.
the dealer just changed the oil about a month ago
The mirror itself is ok, and the electronics work, it's the housing that needs replacement. I got one from the dealer, but with no instructions.
I've had my Subaru for a year with no problems and all of a sudden this week I now have severe, oscillating noise/interference on my audio system that is directly tied to how fast I am going. When I go slow, the interference wipes out the audio - when I'm going faster the oscillation is so fast that I can still hear. When I stop, it goes away completely. It doesn't start immediately when I turn the car on - it takes a while so i'm wondering if something is overheating (electronics) causing this?
How do you replace a burnt bulb (Low Beam) on this car?
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