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check engine light comes and goes. code said too much oxygen . car will shut down, even when driving . anyone had this problem and knows how to fix it?
When you start the car both sides of the front fenders get hot but the no overheating on the dashboard controls.
Ok last night it was around -12 with the wind chill and my Legacy wouldn't start. All the lights turn on, AC and heater work, head lights work, moonroof works and car is alive but when I start her she just won't turn over. Any one have any ideas? Car is good condition, always followed routine schedules and has 78k miles. Any help would be appreciated
I had my head gasket replaced nov 2013 at a cost of $1500; 2008 legacy with 80,000; today the car is back in there for exact same issue, which they are covering seeing it is a few days shy of one year, but if subaru is now covering this I would like to be refunded.
I have had the car for 5 months and had the valve gaskets replaced and the car tuned up. Even before the repairs, i have heard a small rattle on the right side of the engine, sounds like close to the glove compartment. I dont hear it when im outside of the vehicle, only hear it when im inside.
The sound is not always there: it goes away when the car has been completely warmed up and driven for 30+ minutes.
When i do here it is driving around town and the rattle gets more rapid and faster as you speed up, and if i take my foot off accelerator the rattle slows down. It sounds as if there are small pebbles being rattled in a small area in the engine.
When engine is at idle its costant and steady rattle...when in Park it goes away.
Any idea what this could be?
I have been reading a lot about heat sheild rattling...but not sure if its that.
if you hit seat a few times light will go out but will come on few days later
remove them or not?
Only happens when the car goes past 65 MPH.
No problems yet I only have 38800 on my car right now, I was just planing ahead
how fast must car be going for airbag to deploy have there been any sudden acceleration issues
I have been driving manual transmissions for 25 years. The transmission is hard to shift on my 2008 Subaru Legacy. I believe the problem is focused on the shifter mechanism. The dealer states the bushings may need to be replaced.
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