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Subaru legacy 04 havin somekinda electrical issue draining all the power from battery ? Itl start fine wen jumped but only gfoes a couple miles put key in lights wil come on i hear blinking amd wen i go to start it i get absolutly nothin
light is not working and does not have a bulb but left side only has a bulb the light I am reffering to (right side) looks like a led?
I purchased a 2004 subaru legacy anniversary model used. It now has 130,000 miles. Since I have had it I have had to change the rear rotors and brake pads 3 times!!! Anyone have any ideas why?
So using an obd tool i got the code p0051 for my 2004 Legacy (35th Anniversary Edition) and subsequently changed the bank 2 O2 sensor 1. I am now getting a p0151 code which is low voltage for that brand new sensor. Strangely enough, in trying numerous possible solutions (cleaning the mass air filter sensor, checking for leaks, ect) and turning the code off hoping it will stay that way, i sometimes get a p0152 code, which means high voltage for that same sensor. how can i be getting both? and how do i get rid of them? any help would greatly be appreciated. Also since im new here if theres a better place to post this question let me know, thanks folks!
When car is under 60 mph and AC is on? When AC is not on or car is over about 60 mph, the noise is not there.
Servicing air conditioning was not help. Am told that it is "working like it is supposed to." Not acceptable. Needs to get fixed befor HOT weather.
When my car is in park or I'm trying to get out of a tight spot my steering jerks and is hard to turn my wheels. Also it makes a scretching noise. I checked the power steering fluid and it's fine. What is causing this problem?
I just had the steering rack replaced in my car and it feels really stiff as if there is no power steering. Is this normal or did something not get done completely
i have an oil leak seemingly from under the cover for the timing belt. could it be the front crank seal? and how tough for a shadtree mechanic to do. if i have to pull engine or not.
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My alternator belt snapped I replaced the belt and it keeps slipping off whenI went to parts store to buy a/c belt since ithad also needed replacement. Parts manager came out to lookat car and stated I needed to replace harmonic balancer and that the alternator belt was staying on by tension. Could you give me an estimate on how long it would take in labor and the average cost of repair?
I replaced Alternator Belt when I lost power steering then power. I am told that the problem is replacing harmonic balancer. I know the part lists between 60-100.00 Would you have an estimate on this repair?
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