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My car recently overtuned and now the engine can't start. Fuel cannot be transmitted from the tank to the engine. what could be the problem?
while repairing heads the lifters were knocked off and mixed up
working on 1999 leg. outback dohc , with motor in car
while repairing heads the lifters were knocked off and mixed up
working on 1999 leg. outback dohc
at oil temp light flashes
are the wiring harnesses interchangeable from a 2.5 to a 2.2 1999 Subaru legacy l.
The mechanic said he suspects the converter and replacing the transmission when the car could not move when put on reverse?
The transmission has just been taken from another same Subaru model and was running just fine.
It looks like it was rusted and fell down. I have no idea what this is for or what its called
pedal goes to the floor sometimes and comes back later
When I pull on the hood latch release, you can feel that the cable is nolonger connected.
I have had this happen to two of our cars, our 1991 Toyota Camry and now the '99 Subaru Legacy. At work we have a parking garage that first of all isn't very roomy and requires some back and forth with the car to pull out of the parking space, and then the main exit has an approx. 10 ft. steep ramp up to the street where you most of the time have to stop for busy traffic at rush hour. Our Camry is old and falling apart but it worked fine till I parked here, then it started making ventilating noises and wouldn't accelerate. It died at the traffic light but was easy to get going again. Now it won't accelerate to over 40 mph - I took it to Midas and had them flush the fuel line thinking it was clogged with gunk that was moved about from the steep slope. It can be driven and works OK but not over 40 mph. I now use our Subaru for hwy driving but it too is having enging knocking sounds - why would that ramp be causing so much damage?
my timing belt broke and i need timing marks so i can get it running
Can a plug from a heated/electric mirror fit to my Subaru legacy that only has the electric option, no heated? If not, is there a way to make it work? I need a new mirror and the only mirror I have found that's cheap is a heated/electric one. I just need the 'guts' from the mirror to put into mine, not the whole thing.
This is a right hand drive subaru for mail purposes. While driving the car on my route it will lose power at different times and even wants to run toward the hot mark. I have changed oxygen sensors and catalytic converters, but have not fixed the problem
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