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Starts cold... Drive 10 blocks...shut off come back in 3 minutes won't start.
I can wait 20 minutes it will start
Or I can change coils and it starts right away.

I am guessing but either the computer box or some sensor is saying. Coil too hot... not starting...

I keep studying... But no clue...

I have new coil ... Igniter... Plugs and wired
1996 subaru legancy brighton wagon. 360000 miles second engine. Brand new battery.
I have a 1996 subarulegacy the Subaru Legacy Wagon that had a bolt break off that holds the belt Idler on. I removed the broken bolt from the engine and replaced it with a new one. Then I put the radiator and other things back together and tightened the belt Idler on. Then I tried starting the engine and it turns over but wont start. Maybe my timing is off or it jumped on me when it originally broken off. Please help me with any suggestions and if you have any questions about the car feel free to ask
Bought 96 Subaru from a friend. Ran good and everything, just needed a new rear diff. So I replaced rear diff. and went to start it. It starts, runs up to Idle and then shuts off. And the when this happens the at oil temp. light turns on and then flashes. The only way it will stay running is if I manually keep the rpm's up.
I just recently changed my power steering unit on my car as my old one was leaking badly. Now I have no power steering, even though I have put new fluid in and worked it through. Please help.
Do cam seals need replacing at the same time?
ecu is fine, crank, and cam sensors new, new battery and wires, still no spark at the coil, at all. Any ideas?
Engine starts & runs as normal. After many miles, engine stumbles a the top going up a long steep hill. Garage says spark plug. I say computor only recognizes electrical problems. I suspect fuel pump, computor, or the twin coils.
I was wondering if you may be able to help us diagnose a problem with a 96 Subaru Legacy Station Wagon. My friend in Kentucky owns this car. Have had it hooked up to 5 computers and they all say nothing is wrong. Will not start consistantly. It will sometimes start 6 or 7 times in a row, then not start for weeks. If and when is does start it runs perfectly. These parts have been replaced according to Subaru books troubleshooting section. Fuel Pump, Ignition, Coil Pack, ECH Control Module, Coolant temperature sensor, Crank shaft sensor, Throttle position sensor.
Sometimes when you keep trying to start it, it will finally start. That is if you don't flood it first!!!!!

Thanks for your time.
A friend trying to help a friend in desperate need.
Debra Venable
I am overheating. I have put in water and it still overheats. I see no water pour out when I add water. Is this the themostat or possibly a sensor?
I was driving earlier today and I noticed that my battery charge light and my "brake" light came on... not even 5 minutes later my speedometer and my tachometer stopped working. My initial thought was that my alternator was going out, or that my brake fluid was leaking, but after the dash stopped working, I feel that it may be a bad or broken connection. Any suggestions?
were do i licate the fuel pump relay
lever won't move all the way back ( stuck about middle)
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