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how to remove air filter off to replace plug wires on
has 191,782 miles on it.
I changed spark plugs, wires and air filter. Has 191,762 miles on it.
After complete tune-up and timing belt change, noticed loss of mpg. CEL indicated knock sensor. Had that replaced. Now 500 miles later, mpg is down to 19-20 (from original 28-30), idle is noticeably uneven, cold or warmed-up, and pretty fumey, sometimes seems to belch into car, occas had strong raw gas smell outside car near driver's door. No CEL indicators on, had it checked by 2 mechanics who couldn't find anything.
In the summer I put in the AWD fuse (under the hood) to switch to 2wd. Well I've had some real bad work done on this vehicle (they told me they pulled the engine to replace the radiator), now when I put the fuse in the vehicle wont shift out of 1st gear (automatic). I cannot find any mechanic that has ever heard of this. The dealer wants 2500$ up front to do a diagnostic.
Can you shed any light on this?
narrowed problem to :will crank and run perfectly for 30 seconds
something shuts it off electrically and it will not fire again until several hours have passed .maybe thermal reset tryfolling morning starts fine runs 30 +or- sec shuts off will crank over but won t fire at all
Gears are shifting harder after adding transmission fluid
the abs pump is leaking fluid
checked fuse and flasher, four ways work fine
This is a 4wd wagon. Pulled a code 35 yesterday on this vehicle after realizing the bulb for the check engine light had been removed. The main issue seems to be after driving for a little while the engine seems to lose all power and stutters until it finally stops. (Sort of acts like a stopped up CAT.)I then have to allow it to cool down for several hours before driving any distance(10+ miles). Code 35 is for a purge canister solenoid as far as I've found. Would this cause this issue or is it a separate issue? The check engine light has been turned off now after the diagnosis and hasn't come back on.
Also the speedometer and odometer are not working, but the tach is working. There seems to be an adapter missing on the end of the cable that leads into the transmission. No one seems to be able to tell me what the part is though.
check engine light came on did self diagnosis, whould not show a code till I started it. 3 quick blinks repeated with pauses, stut off engine, disconnected green self diagnosis connecter. Drove it no light, drive it again a bit later light was back on. What is it?
Both tail lights and right front headlight (not the whole thing - just the right side) stay on after I shut the car off. Just bought this no warranty. Had to unhook battery to turn them off. Help?
My turn signals and hazard lights quit working at the same time. Fuses for both are good.
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