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Is there a safety mechanism if the brakes needed repaired
Parked 1 year running great when parked
I pulled the starter and had it checked it is in great working order, for the last year sometimes i turn the key and just get a click and sometimes it started, the last week i cant get it to crank over even with jumper cables.. all the lights work inside and out.. I noticed when it got hot outside the problem got worse, so where ever i went i had to keep the car running encase it wouldn't stat again .. so now it is parked in driveway. will not crank over, when it did crank over it started up right away .. i REPLACED the alternator, battery, and starter 3 years ago.. any help on what to check now would be greatly appreciated .. thank you
It's in the compartment between the seats.
This happened all at one time.
sputters then stops then I can start it back up
frm the servo, there are 2 brake lines going to the front brakes, and 3 going to the back. I want to block off the rear brakes and only use the front brakes to get it to a shop. where can I block off the rear brakes and what do the 3 lines go to? which is which>?
its 22611AA331
why is my 1990 subaru legacy wagon ls randomly reving to 5000rpm as i drive.
this is just randomly happening.
I recently purchased a 1990 subaru legacy. After i bought it I did a check to see if all the turn signals and lights worked. At the time they all worked. Since then both of my front turn signals went out. I checked the fuses and they are all good. The bulbs are also good. No idea what else it could be besides wiring.
when i turn my car on it start but then it turns off fast and it smells like gas
At first just my break light and abs lights were on. Then i began to have problems with breaking, they just weren't very strong any more and sometimes when i would hit the breaks the anti locks would kick in. I replaced the pads and rotars and the break light went off and they had plenty of breaking power ask expected. But the problem with the abs kicking in when i brake is getting worse. Now every time i hit my brakes the abs kicks in. Why is this happening and how do i fix it?
How in the world do I replace the gas tank filler tube? Short of cutting it into pieces there is no way I can pull it out. I have the over flow tube loose,the rubber hose to the tank loose and all of the bolts that hold it tight to the vehicle, I just can't get it out. Any suggestions?
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