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the key goes in and starts ok, but the switch wont turn all the way back to let the key out. what causes this and how to fix?
Engine returns to idle normally (i.e 750rpm) but after about 15-20 seconds, idle drops radically almost to a stall. Sometimes returns OBD codes P301, P302, P303, and P304 for engine misfire for all 4 cylinders. Rep...
After the brief (and pretty loud) whistle, I hear a low whistling noise when driving in first gear....I dont have any problems with driving, or any loss of speed....its just the whistling noise that is really getting ...
do i need to remove the hub to have new bearings pressed in
the car is leaking from what appears to be the back of the motor between the engine and where the flywheel and clutch are.
what is the average labor rate per hour in my area
I have no heat, odor of antifreeze, the heater core is no good
How do I replace a low beam headlight?