2014 Subaru Impreza Questions

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My Impreza has twice now needed to be topped off on oil about 1-2 thousand miles before the next scheduled oil change. There are no obvious leaks I can see. Is this normal?
I have noticed my driver side door holds water when the car is washed or it rains. Instead of the water coming out of the bottom of the door when it is closed the water sits until the door is opened and then pours out. Is this normal? if not is there a fix?
1st time: The dealership switched the oil supply valve(osv)
to see which one is malfunctioning. Bring it back
when check engine light goes back on (mileage 600 miles)
2nd time: Check engine light went back on. Dealership says they will have to replace the cam
gear shaft.(Mileage 1100 miles)
Do I have a lemon? Help!
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