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I am not sure if i have to do anything for the timing belt replacement. I have 120K miles now bought around 110K. Carfax shows drive belt(s) were replaced at 99K miles at a subaru location. Is this same as timing belt ?
It just happened suddenly. I didn't smell anything and the car seems to be driving fine otherwise
light just came on
My wifes Impreza at 80 km/h slowed down and stopped, the cam shaft pulley broke. Subaru put it down to carbon build up and too many short trips. Only 4 years old and 26,000 ks. It has been seviced on time every time. Subaru will pay for all of the costs which we are grateful for. what is the chance of this happening again? My wife want to buy another car, kind regards Derek {Delboy}
I was told a O2 sensor was the cause for the check engine and cruise light being on, I live abroad and the sensor is not available. Could a failed sensor cause engine damage and how do I turn the warning lights off?
It has also started dropping down to 1k rpm and occassionally dies when pressure is taken of engine (such as pushing in the clutch) which is making it a pain to drive. I just purchased the car a month ago, it started with the rough idle 2 weeks ago and stalling 3 days ago. It has no cel and dealership originally said they seen nothing wrong, other than a emissions recall (which they did). I am lost. I have changed the plugs, wires, looked to a vacuum leak, even had a friend put a scan tool on it and found nothing.
It usually occurs after driving for a few minutes, speeds range from 25-50, also can occur when going over speed bumps, hasn't occurred yet at higher speeds. It stops when the brake is tapped or hit. The brakes were recently replaced and I've returned to the shop, they said they couldn't see anything wrong, Also clicking noise accelerating from stop or low speed.
I just bought the car today and on the way home and when stopped at home with the engine still running the reverse lights are staying on
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