2002 Subaru Impreza Questions

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It just started doing this a few days ago. I just recently filled it up with gas. I thought I might try one of those gas treatment additives. Any other ideas?
when the MAP sensor is plug on , in addition to that the power light on the dash keep on blinking and the car will not idle , change map sensor and the same problem . any solution.
thanks. the car is an automatic , non turbo front wheel drive
2.5 automatic what is the normal gas milage?
both fail after start up for 10 to 20 secents intermittently
and if the doors are slamed .
My 02 Impreza has about 105000 miles. I've just installed the 3rd replacement set of rear brake pads and rotors. Still running front original set with good lining remaining. Anyone have a good idea what's wrong. This is enough to have me bad-mouthing Subaru soon.
I was recently told by an automotive shop that they know of an issue with oil changes on WRX Turbo models. Not quite understanding what they are referring to but they mentioned that old oil remains in the Turbo section and unless one takes specific action to remove it, it poses a long term issue. They also mentioned that they also crank the engine without starting it to ensure that new oil flows into the oil filter and turbo. All for an additional charge of course. Has anyone seen or heard of this before? Is there a TSB out for WRX Turbo maintenance? Thanks.
My Subi has oil accumlulating on the bottom of my spare tire mold. (underneath the car)
The axles are a little wet, but it seems that the oil is coming from further up. Things up by the engine are dry. And it seems the leak is from the top side of the drive train... maybe halfway back? what could this be?
My 2002 Impreza RS has approx 110,000 miles , all highway. I have recently had to change my front and rear struts. My check engine light has been on so when I took it in, was told that the catalytic converters and front oxygen sensor needs to be replaced. Anyone has had similar experiences with their Subaru ?
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