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My Subaru Imprezza has 122K miles. I am taking it to my mechanic to have it looked over before I go on a road trip. Besides my timing belt what other maintenance issues should I have my mechanic check at this mileage level?
Hi, This morning I bumped a 4x4 with my impreza. His hitch hit my grill and took out the right hand headlamp and signal light. I am in the process of getting quotes to have this repaired. While driving around for quotes my power locks and ignition died. I can no longer lock or unlock the doors using the switch on the key chain. Also I cannot start the car by just turing the key. It is no problem to push start it, but I cannot use the normal starter ignition. I have put a volt meter across the battery when the car is running and it reads ~14 volts. When i used the key in the door to unlock the door all the locks open (as in all the doors). I tried to turn over the starter motor while the engine was still running, just to see if it would work with more power running through the system, but the starter motor wouldn't turn over. I'm not certain if i've ever done this in this car, but usually you can do this (of course you wouldn't normally do this on purpose). Anyway I am just trying to get through my head what might have happened that has resulted in mechanical. Any suggestions?
Thanks Mike
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