1998 Subaru Impreza Questions

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One month now,when arrivingI
No leaks, but did have one caliper that was very hard to compress.
This problem occurred after replacing both rear wheel bearings .
I have spilling on the ground while fueling. Filler neck wasn't sitting right, so it was adjusted to fit in properly. I attempted putting gas in once again, and now instead of it dripping out, it's spraying out. Was thinking fuel tank epoxy to seal the filler neck to other piece..will that work?
I have put gas in the car three times since I bought it. The more gas I put in, the stronger the smell. However, the car only has the gas smell for a few hours after fueling. Any other time driving the car there is no smell
It happen today. The car worked fine until I got home. The gear lever goes into all the gears except park
when driving along in low gears accelaration is fine but once changed in to higher gear car seems to judder and power cuts off untill i stop accelarating and than start accelarating again,the loss of power keeps coming and going when you lift your foot off and put it back on,is there a problem with turbo or boost?
Hi there:
We just took our '98 impreza wagon in for a look over and tune-up and found out that 3 of the 4 struts are bad. I'm getting a $1400 total cost (incl. the realign). Is this reasonable? Or do I have some room to negotiate?
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