1997 Subaru Impreza Questions

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Wrx sti type r coupe. Driving along and started hitting limiter by it self. Was not the cable as pedal didnt jam so wat culd it be? Culdnt get it to stall so had to cut cable and take off battery terminals to kill it
I thought it was the clutch safety start switch, but I replaced that and the car still won't start. When it was running fine, the starter never sounded like it was worn out or gave any signs of failure.
What could possibly be the problem?
Failed Vehicle emission test due to communication status failure. This is second time it failed for this reason. Last time this happened, the dealer said there was nothing wrong with the connection. It pass the retest but paid dealer to do nothing. This may be a fuse issue but manual does not specify which fuse the OBD is connected to. Which fuse should I check to see if it is a bad fuse? If fuse is good, then what?
I have 97 Subaru Impreza that keepss shutting off. Runs for no more than a minute or two then shuts off. I have good spark and good fuel pressure. The timing is good and the water pump. The scanner says it was Mass air flow sensor I changed this but still having a problem.
my car has several problems, I have gotten new tires back in the end of september when my right rear tire somehow blew (I had no explanation for why it blew). I noticed my car would shake a lot after that then I took it back in they said it was a transmission problem after checking the suspension. then I took it to a subaru dealershop but on the way there for no apparent reason my front axle broke and they replaced that. but car is still shaking probably worse then before the axle broke. I have only had this car for over a year, when I first got it it got up to 300 miles on a tank of gas, sometimes a little more and sometimes just a little less, but now I am only getting up to 260 at the most. I have also recently noticed that my brakes just don't feel even or right. it might not be them. and it shakes a lot at times and other times the shake is only a bit noticable. it gets worse when going around a corner. and also something that happened last year is when the car gets very cold I would be driving long and this loud noise will sound. it sounds like the belt to me but I could be wrong. and it stops when I stop the car. but after a few minutes it is gone completely until it get very cold again. one thing to add that after the new tires and before the axle when I went around a corner on occasion I could feel a pull or shuddering and hear sort of a grinding sound. and before getting the new tires only a few days before I had the yearly inspection done on my car then my car started getting a resistance that felt like it was coming from the area of my right rear tire before it blew. but everytime I looked at the tire it look fine and it was still inflated. but that has stopped.
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