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My front passanger axel is not connected to the tire hub at all its just banging around. I just looked today? what can happen?? Is it expensive to fix? Will the tire fall off its been a week of everydayfor a week driving about 20-25 miles
seems like a loose connection somewhere but cant find anything loose. An altinator or mabe a fuse going out.
Lights acts like its gonna turn of all the time
I had to drop the tank to patch a couple rust spots, disconnected all fuel lines to tank including the ones that leads to the engine bay, replaced all of them, (DID NOT TOUCH ANY IN ENGINE BAY) after i put everything back in place, fuel started to spray out of the line coming up from the fuel lines traveling through underneath the car, replaced said lines, i put new clamps on the lines, that stopped the problem there, now right infront of the throttle body there is a fuel line right behind the power steering pump, connected to a power or sensor of some kind, and its spraying gas out of now, never had any problems like this until the changing of the fuel pump inside the gas tank. What could be the causing of this problem?
Hi i have a 2.ol turbo 1996 uk classic, slight knocking sound, i topped up with oil and its quietened it down a bit, would this be bottom end on its way out
when i have it in automatic it revs into the red before sometimes shifting into third but when i have it set in manual it shifts just fine.
It happens when the rpm go down
When driving car will get shakey and loose power the check engine light will flash. pull over turn off restart and will be fine. take and have a diagnostic done and it will read 3 and 4 missfire. Recently had a tune up and new coil put in. this happens about every two weeks or so with no warning. otherwise car runs fine.
when i bought my 96 impreza base model, someone had stolen the total air box set up including the mass air flow sensor all the way to the throttle body. I drove the car home 30 mins and parked it. i bought a stock replacement from a junk yard, replaced it, and now its idling fine, but when i give it gas, it feels like it has 25 hp. when i put the peddle to the floor, it makes no difference, still a massive amount of power loss, and is running very very rich. i have no clue whats wrong with it. i know the MAF sensor is working as it should. I'm stumped! it has the 2.2 FI motor. my best guess was while driving the car home without the air box and MAF sensor on it, it must have messed up the computers settings. please help me?
the Passenger's seat belt needs replacement.the buckle broke and cant seem to find a replacement.
What if I get one from a junk yard and have them put it in for me.
my pulley is loose and keeps throwing the belts off
how to install
While driving my car I feel little losses of energy sometimes, like a kick, then when I get close to idle it can get worse, sometimes it will choke on and off then die in idle. Then it won't start for about 2 minutes, when it starts the rpm is all over the place, I have to keep giving it gas to keep it running, then it will clear up and run fine for a while again. The mechanics cannot figure it out either, I am looking for more ideas to ask them, as I do not know anything about cars. They can't get it to do this at their shop so they haven't had any codes show up, the engine light does not turn on, they say the fuel lines are fine (all fuel related is fine), and they cleaned or replaced sensors, and checked wires. any ideas??
i just got this car and it ran fine for a week and one day while driving it just shut off and it didnt bog down it just shut off and so i waited twenty mins and it started back up and this went on for a week and then i put new plugs and wires in it and now it starts and runs maybe 5mins or 20 mins and dies and most of the time if i wait awhile it will start back up but it takes a long time too get it too start. when i try starting ti the car cranks over good and there is spark too. also being a mom and not a mechanis i had took a plug out and noticed the tip of it was white and was wondering what that may be or if its ok?
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