1995 Subaru Impreza Questions

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I have reset time it shows to be set right on but won't crank
1.5 boxer motor, 1995 Subaru Impreza. Yesterday was the first time this happened, tried to jumpstart her and got nothing, had to be towed home, 24 hours on and still no electrics or power at all!! Any ideas? :(
I've disconnected the battery so I'd doesn't kill that
Checked all fuel lines and fuel pump and all checked out ok
I checked all the fuel lines and fuel pump and they all checked out ok Someone told me it was a miss and that i might have a vaccume line bad HELP PLEASE
Is there a fuse in my starter circuit that could be blown to prevent my car from turning over and starting? I drove it in a driveway shut it off and now it won't turn over all the lights come on but no start
I was hit on the driver side in front of tire.
1995 subaaru impreza 1.8 L with 5 spd manual trans
I've had my car sitting in my drive way for a few years now. I'm considering buying a new battery and getting it up and running for quick errands (5-10 miles). Other than oil, oil filter, air filter change, and new gas... Is there anything else I should do before I attempt to crank the engine? Thanks for your help.
the hydro carbon level was 161 out of 130
what is the best way to check my oil level,with engine warm or cold?when I check it cold the oil goes a third of the way up the curved stick and at times I have a difficult time to read level...
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