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I have a '94 Impreza Sportswagon which I purchased off a good friend. The car has done 350,000+ km but has a reconditioned engine 60,000 ago. I recently took the car on a long trip and the radiator cooked, so have replaced that as well as spark plugs as it was turning off when in low revs and generally driving strangely. The final issue is that it seems to seize or misfire when driving, particularly around 2-3RPM, or when about 90kmph in 5th gear or 50kmph in 3rd. I will be accelerating consistently and then suddenly feel as if I braked, like the car is misfiring or seizing up. Happens momentarily and then accelerates as intended. Have taken it to the shop several times and they don't know... Any ideas?
If my stereo cots off then my windshield wipers don't work as well. It's getting more frequent and sometimes for longer periods of time. I didn't know if there was a short somewhere? Is there a place where the stereo and windshield wipers could be linked somehow? More things might not work as well but those 3 are the only ones I notice so far.
I just recently purchased this vehicle from a coworker and I was on the way home from work one day when I noticed the vehicle started to overheat so I immediately cut the car off and coasted to where I could get off the road to avoid traffic. I later went back and checked and the whole block was covered in antifreeze and had a strange smell to it. I got the vehicle to where I needed to go and after work today, I started to check to see if the thermostat may have been causing a clog (if that is possible) and I was having trouble getting it out.
We have a 1994 inprezna that we have to constantly keep putting water in it. I'm thinking this is the thermostat doing this but what is and if it is i would appreciate it if anyone could tell me the easiest way to get to the thermostat and where it is located. Appeciate any answers. Thank you.
cleaned with electrical spray ,but returns next day
trans fluid has tiny bubbles and fluid dark.the slipping comes and goes.and the power light comes on and off and goes away.checked the self code engine light just keeps flashing.until unplugged
When removing the CV joint axle unit I didn't remove the pin far enough and pulled the short axle from the tranmission, I can't get it to go back in. Any ideas as how to do this?
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