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My air conditioning is blowing hot air when it's hot outside. In the evenings or in cooler days, it works fine.
Will I successfully be able to use the SLIME 12V tire inflator in either of the power ports of my 2010 Subaru Forester without blowing either a fuse link or the fuse?
Few days back i was driving and i heard a strange sound suddenly coming from the car. when i stopped and opened the hood i noticed that Alternator belt had snapped since i was on the highway i drove car for few kilometers & stopped at a safe place and got belt replaced on stop by mobile mechanic team.

By that time battery was completely drained and i had to jump start the car.

It worked smoothly on highway but i noticed that while car stops or slows down at signal (red-light) it seems to loose power but car doesn't shut off. i also noticed car engine turn off while reversing (this happened only twice in few days)
Today i noticed warning light showing up for half a second when i stop at parking area and light goes off when completely when i turn off the AC.

I started having these problem after changing the Alternator belt. what could be the cause of this problem as i can sense something but don't know what it could be

Light which show in yellow
Vehicle Dynamics Control System

Light which show in Green

Light which show in RED

These warning lights show up for half a second & then goes away & comes back till AC is not turn off.
Is it possible the highway makes my car sad?
My car os green and I received an estimate of $2400.00.
my mechanic tells me that I might need a new transmission. What would it cost? The gear shift periodically will allow the car to go backwards but will not engage in any of the forward gears until it has warmed up for 5-15 minutes.
Have a Subaru Forester 2010 (non turbo) model with ~110,000km.

For the last 20,000km I have taken it to Subaru mechanics about 5 times with the same issue - Check Engine light comes on after longer highway drives (longer than half an hour) at high speeds - not during these drives but usually the next time the car is driven. Every time the computer shows a P0026 code (right OSV valve). They claim to have now replaced both the right and left valves but the issue came back last week, right after a fresh oil change. Please help!
Is it cheaper to do both at the same time?
​Have 2010 ​Subaru Forester automatic, less than 11K miles,​ w/ ​an ​almost empty gas tank. Turned off car, tried to add gas but won't take-- acts like tank is full & splash-back got on me & ground. Obviously I wasn't paying attention!! I even had the attendant (older guy) try & same thing happened. When started SUV to leave, check engine light was steady, cruise control flashing in addtn to gas light.

​Called dealer & they suggested I have vehicle towed to their garage (at my expense) since there probably is not enough gas to go that far. Service garage guy said he heard of that w/ other vehicles but never a Forester. Wouldn't answer most ​basic q's w/o inspecting SUV.

Am disabled widow on very, very limited income so want to research b4 garage visit​. Would like some specific suggestions so I can research. I got "no results" and/or unrelated results on all my search attempts. I looked in my manuals but found nothing. I'm guessing there is a sensor or valve shut-off that is stuck???
Check engine light flashed then stayed on with vehicle dynamic light. Cruise light flashes as well. 108, 000 miles. Detected faint odor of burning oil-as if spilled on exhaust manifold-did not last long. Made a hard left just before lights came on and engine idled/ram rough
Also, where is the oil filter located?
I believe someone drained my differential fluid as there are no seal cracks, leaks, or any other leaks for that matter. I drove the car for some time with no flud without the car seizing. Would this be possible?
The newer spark plugs to last 60k and are different wires needed?
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