2009 Subaru Forester Questions

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has new exhaust system, heat shield and 69,000 miles. Thought it was heat shield and that was replaced. Muffler had hole so rerplaced that. Still making noise. Any ideas??? Just also had oil change.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? worse when first start in the morning
How long have you had this problem? one month
My driver's side window quit rolling up and down but the other windows work
Recently had my Forester fully serviced at 92K miles. No problems noted however I have this annoying rattling at low speeds that stops whenever I put the brakes on. I called the dealer and they said it could have rattling calipers and it would cost over $500 to fix. Is this a true known issue and is it something any brake shop could fix for less???
72,000 miles
No vibrations are felt. Trouble stoping on snowy roads, clunks a bit.
long story short my window got busted out while my car was locked and whenever you put the key in the ignition and turn the key it doesn't start. All the dash lights turn on and i have tried locking and unlocking the car with the remote and also with the key and still nothing.
My mirror compass recently quit displaying direction. It sometimes works, then will slowly dim and then go out completely. Other times it does not display at all. Is there some little trick to reseting the compass from scratch?
The owners manual says that the timming belt should be inspected every 30,000 miles and replaced at 105,000 miles. I called the Subaru dealer to schedule this timming belt inspection, along with several other items, and the service person said that its not necessary. He said that he didn't know why that was in the manual as its not necessary.
considering purchasing a car that is over budget right now.
Clanging noise right after I shut the engine off
This is the second ECU reprogram update for this vehicle. Will any of the re-programing help milage or power?
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