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Brought my 2007 Subaru Forester to my local mechanic because the check engine light came on today. Code was for a solenoid issue. They reset the computer and told me to keep the fuel tank above half for now. I went to fuel up and when I try to start the car again it took me 4 attempts. Turned it off and on again with no problem, but I've never had that issue before...
Cost to replace fuel pump seal?
Radiator blew up and has a hole in it
Whispy harmonic sound right by the radiator?
A harmonic airy hissing .

This sounds worse when idelling and more airy when at high speeds?
check engine light came on and I needed a new timing belt, head gaskets and fuel tank/straps. 120,000 miles with no problems until now. what next?
weird odor coming from my car since i realize i needed to replace my clutch. thought to be the engine working too hard but even when it got changed it still have the weird odor (like burnt chemical?) when i am giving some gas in first gear or while backing up. checked the oil, seems there is a leak, because it disapear. but it does not burn the oil, it does not smell like burnt oil either.. now even though its full, it still smell and i really do not think it is associated with the oil. more with the gas. anything you could think of?
I have change it 4 times.
The RAA said the problem with my car is the pushrod and that it shouldn't cost much to fix. The mechanic said that this car doesn't have a pushrod and that I need a new engine. A great deal different and more expensive than the RRA said. How do I know if I need to do the extent of work the mechanic said?
I got a check engine light warning Saturday. Diagnostics say that it is a catalytic converter failure. I know that Subaru Foresters have problems with leaky head gaskets and I've been told that my car's is leaking. Could this be the cause of the failed catalytic converter? Will the Subaru Coolant conditioner be enough or should I get the gasket replaced?

What should the cost of the work be, roughly?
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