2006 Subaru Forester Questions

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Car in broke down in KY, have to drive back to MN. Car is only worth 1800, don’t know if I should put the money into the repair, but it will buy us time for another vehicle, however it’s been the Subaru from hell and has cost us too much for < 150k miles.
All that I asked about is constant
While driving yesterday - and on an extremely hot day SUDDENLY my ABS light went on and so did the brake light and the battery light- when I got to under 30 mph the ABS and the brake light went off but the battery light stayed on- your thoughts please?
I just had one replaced from a different car dealership.
And my engine light came on.. I just had the idle area flushed and they, my dealer, said my converter was low and that the light would come back on due to low converter.. it hasn't. Should I not worry about replacing the converter? What are some signs to look for if its needed.
2006 Subaru forester needs bot head gaskits replaced. it has 98,000 miles. one owner I was unaware of a problem and was told at jiffy lube after an inspection and oil change.
System has been charged and I have a new condensor
Also, thermostat seal, thermostat, serpentine belt, timing belt comp kit, new water pump, double platinum plug.
I received an estimate of $3140 to do this work. Sounds like a lot to me. Is this a reasonable estimate?
Only when both lights are flashing will the car began to stall.
I have been hit with a ton of repairs, oil gasket, 3 cam seal repairs, head gasket , two rear bearings, tye rods, rack, sway bar, timing belt, water pump, brakes, heater cable, all other belts, plus a variety of pesky things, power widows door locks not working, heater vents breaking etc. It just seems a lot for a car 7 years old? Is this normal? thanks
Having continual problems with "check engine light flashing cruise control", First they charge to replace the battery and then they put in a camshat senosr, Had an expensive 105,000 mile valve adjustment and then 2 months later check engine light is on with flashing cruise control. They said this time it was an oil control valve. Have same car in 2004 year and none of these troubles.
For a while, the engine light and cruise would go out and then sometimes kick back in unexpectedly; however, recently the engine light stays on all the time and there's no cruise control. There is no apparent problem in drivability of my car.
I started noticing my gas milage was getting really bad. Can anyone give me any help on this. For example: I filled the tank and now I'm on empty and the OD reads 181 miles. That sucks. I use to get 250 to 275. Is it the gas or my car?
It has started to buck and jerk while driving and now has started to actaully fill like it is not grabbing at all at times.Is this dangreous and what could happen? And what are the average costs for this kind of repair? And should i go to a dealer or a mechanic who has a good reputation with Subaru?
The check engine light has been on. Was told the secondary air intake valve (?) related to the air intake for the turbo needs replacing. One shop said it's not related to emissions, another said it's specifically related to California emissions requirements.
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