2005 Subaru Forester Questions

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Subaru forester 2005 with 160,000 miles
1 of four cylinders are misfire according to Diagnostics. When I go to drive my car when taking off it accelerates then kid of sputters with the check engine light starts flashing and it loses acceleration. It doesn't happen daily not yet. When the engine light stops flashing it may accelerate normal again. the flash engine light again with acceleration loss sputter. I just paid for all 4 spark plugs to be replaced at theach dealership
This is a correction to question which inadvertently wrote `seat belt' symbol.
3 most likely would be great help. Estimate-include mechanic hours probable.
lubed & recycled door locks - no help - problem is intermittent
Why would two cable blow with only 80,000 miles? Can I yrust Subaru to rebuild the engine? Should I junk it?
the belt broke at highway speed. I heard no sounds of metal crashing. Is there a chance that replacing the timing belt will enable the engine to run? If the valves are only slightly bent, will the engine run? How can I determine if the engine is destroyed or can be salvaged. Dealer wants $500 to repalce belt, $6,000 to replace engine. How can I know if the $500 belt replace could be successful?
The dimming was gradual over a month or so but has now blanked out completely. Changed direction as usual until it disappeared.
Is the replacement costly (spprox), and what are ramifications if left alone?
what else needs to be done besides the spark plugs
what else needs to be done besides the spark plugs
I have been told this needs to be done.
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