2004 Subaru Forester Questions

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If I use one not on top of the car, I need to first install a hitch. Is there any other way other than doing this or purchasing one for the top of the car. I would prefer not to have to lift the bike to the roof of the car (I am a 73 year old female) By the time I purchase the hitch, and the bike rack it will be $600. Then I have to have it installed. YIKES. There must be an easier way.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? N/A
How long have you had this problem? N/A
car overheating and no heat has new water pump and thermostat. Turn car off for a bit restart have heat and temp. ok
.Motor still draws power, dims lights when hit the switch.
The Rpm surges but the car doesn't go or will only go slowly 20-30 mph.
Also having squeaking AC belt.. 103000 mi..should all belts be replaced?
brakes recently locked up completely in rush hour traffic. my fault. dealer replaced virtually everything on the driver side front, but the problem has continued with the only temp solution to bang on the pedal to get full (?) release. dealer could not "replicate" and did nothing subsequent to the replacement on the driver front. thoughts appreciated.
2.5L forester x automatic. does it need or take platinum plugs or another type and the benefits if more than one type
check engine light stays on w/code P0139.Same day/later code:P0032
There are also exhaust leaks
Would broken compressor wire result in overcharged system? Air worked fine last summer. What should be replaced in that situation. Tech wants to replace compressor and rec/dryer with condenser.
System was overcharged. Compressor works when wire is replaced. Does compressor, rec/dryer, and condenser also need to be replaced?
No cold air. Compressor wire chewed though. System was overcharged (worked fine last summer). What needs to be replaced to get ac working again?
No cold air. Compressor wire chewed though. Would that overcharge the system? What needs to be replaced to get ac working again?
64k, complete service at 60k. 2 drivers, never abused.
It blows out cold for about 15 minutes & then it gets warm
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