2003 Subaru Forester Questions

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Its a 2003 forester i own looking to replace it with a 2004 outback windshield
I thi8nk I have tom cut off and replace axle etc. Your thoughts?
When I turn the heat up full in my car, the thermostat goes to hot, but when I turn the heat down lower the thermostat goes back to normal temp, whats causing that?
I usually get occasional check engine lights for po442SMALL LEAK and po443SMALL LEAK(pending) No leaks in exhaust-clear codes-no problem. NOW, I'm getting code PO453-Evap.Emiss.ControlSystemPressureSensorHigh. Clear code- light pops back on after 10 miles. Can't get ahold of my mechanic, any clues?
Car makes a knocking sound when turning the steering wheel and when I accelerate. What is the issue?
Is this possible?
Hello, I have a 2003 subaru forester with 166000 miles on it. A few months back the check engine light came on, but the car was running fine. Took it to a mechanic and a P0420 code came up, he said if the car is running fine to just keep an eye on it. The light turned off and the car continued to drive fine for 6 weeks. For the last 2 weeks, I've noticed the car has been stalling when stopping and at intersections. Today the car completely shut off at a light, I turned it off and then back on and it ran fine. I also checked the code today an P0420 came up again(check engine and cruise control light on). I will get it checked this week, but it seems like many people with this problem need a new catalytic converter. Any idea what can be causing this problem and what the repair cost may be?
I was quoted $1070 for a factory part, and around $600 for an after market part. The dealer recommends the factory part because the life of part will be longer, and there was some risk of the after market not "fitting right" and affecting emissions. My car is 2003 with 150,000 miles. I want to see if I can get a few more years from it, but it aint a spring chicken. Wondering how legitimate the after market part concern really is.
after driving a short distance my car overheats, Why
then will blow cold air again and so forth
The vehicle does not respond quickly when I give it gas. Also, what is the estimated cost for a pre-owned vehicle 152-point maintenance check on the subject vehicle for sale?
has any one come across this code problem?
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