2001 Subaru Forester Questions

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Would like to install an 07 outback rear end into my 01 forester. rear wheel bearings too expensive. Just did right side. Can I do this?
My 07 was easy. Bolt in, not press in.

I got my oil changed and they said my bootcap is torn. Is that an expensive fix?

Not sure where to plug in the code reader.

I know there isn't a hole in the tire but it feels like that side of my car is going over a bump all the time.

I turn the key and get a moment of cranking then just an unwinding sound. I was driving in town when the car quit running. Now it won't start.

I held it closed and locked it with the key. Now it will not open. This is the first time it has happened since I bought it in 2002.

The switch and fuses are OK

My mechanic says non-replacement could result in catastrophic engine failure as he cannot guarantee that oil has leaked onto the belt. A different mechanic replaced the belt at 100,000.

1) Oil does not appear milky and oil level does not seem to rise.
2) Heats to 3/4 of gauge climbing a strong hill(is this within normal)?
3) Seems some coolant on fan cowel next to reservoir. But no collant drips under car.
4) Radiator is not really very low but reservoir is empty.
5) Refill to full line of reservoir and no leaks while standing.


the speed sensor is bad could that be the cause? these codes showed PO500,P1540,P1590,P1591,P1518,PO512,andPO136

Dealer checked out front of my aut.trans.leak.Not dripping.I just got it swaped in a shop.Its running fine about a week.My drive way I saw stains.I am taking the car back to the mechanic.Do you think I should use the Blue Devil??Does any of these stuff will work for me?Thanks.

car has 95k miles and is a 2001 foreter