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Q: stumbling with check engine light flashing on 2001 Ford Escape

So the escape has been idling rough off and on for a while with the occasional stall. then one day we get on the free way and the vehicle starts stubling pretty bad and we get off. stumbles all the way home. My brother has a diagnostic tool to check codes so i hook that up and like an idiot clear all the codes by accident. but here is the thing now it seems to be running just fine and have driven twice when cold and other than a little rough idle nothing. with no engine codes and it running fine is there a point to taking it to a repair shop? and if clearing the codes made it run fine what could have been the problem to begin with?

would love some input on this.
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If it runs good it should be OK. If the check engine light returns do another scan - without erasing the codes - and post the DTCs here.
Flashing CEL usually means a hard misfire. I'd start by checking the spark plugs and fuel pressure.

Ok so it happened this morning right from the get go. got the codes this time.


Since i had to go a few more miles to work i reset the codes on purpose this time and it kept doing the same thing, not as bad but still did the stutter.

I know the codes show misfires on 3 different cylinders but what are the sensor readings and how hard would that be to replace and what are the odds that the 3 cylinder misfires are due to coils that are going bad?

we did the plugs and wires about 25k miles ago and had to get 1 coil replaced then as well, for reference.

because the problem went away it should not be bad or loose spark plug(I have had 2 or 3 spark plugs come loose). next would be bad coil that can be worse when wet. this will cause a missfire on one cylinder and will go away when dry. this happend to me one damp day and a spray of wd40 helped to get home then problem when away for a while then came back. replaced the coil with a used one and has never happend since. I now keep wd40 in the car and a spair coil for the next time.
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