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I have an extended cab model 2003 f150 and small door behind the drivers seat wont open It seems to be stuck at the top as I can pull out on the bottom a little.

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Your rear door has an upper latch and a lower latch. The upper latch is released by a cable that attaches to a mechanism called the rear door latch remote control. The remote control has all the cables and rods for the 2 latches, and 2 handles attached to it.
It sounds like something has likely gone wrong with the cable for the upper latch. You would want to remove the door panel, remove the door speaker, and then check out those various mechanisms.
It can be hard to get the door panel off if you can't get the door open. There is no good way to get the door open. It takes an experienced tech really clawing around behind the door panel to get it open. It can take someone who knows what they're doing 30-60 minutes just to get the door open. Then you have to figure out what's wrong.
The cable is usually not seperately servicable. It usually comes made onto the upper latch assembly.
Thanks for that great answer. I traded the truck 4 days ago so now its someone elses problem :)
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