Q: stuck key in ignition on 2007 Chevrolet Impala

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the problem occured after i located some broken wires to the gear shift solenoid.I repaired these wire's to the plug ond reconnected it to the gear shift and that,s when the problem started.the original problem was the gear shift was stuck in park.How do i now get the key out?
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The selonoid has a terminal block under the console with the black wire for shifter release, then there is a green, yellow, and purple wire, make sure all wires are seated in the block and the block is pushed in all the way in the selonoid.
I am having this exact same problem with my 2008 Impala. The floor shifter was stuck in park d/t a broken (stressed wire) under the counsel. When trying to remove the counsel to get at it, a second wire pulled out of the connecter. Bought a replacement wire harness for the shifter from the dealer...but the replacement had six wires (none color coded). Spliced in what we thought was the appropriate wires....and now the gear shifter releases from park, but the key will not completely turn off or come out of the ignition. How do we know we've spliced in the correct wires (into the new harness) and/or that somehow a fuse or the solenoid wasn't blown in the process????