Q: Stuck in park on 2007 Hyundai Veracruz

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I turned the corner and the ESC off light came on. When I attempted to park, the gears remained stuck in drive until after several attempts, it went into park. Now it is stuck in park. The ESC off light remains lit up even afterv attempting to turn it back on.
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I just began having the same problem with my Veracruz. Bringing it into the dealership Monday.
This happened to me 2 weeks ago at around 85,000 mi. It was the brake away switch that needed replaced. There is a shift lock release tab on the same plate as the gearshift. I had to remove tab and push in on release with something to get it to park.
had the same problem except after the esc light came on all other ligths came on light check engine and abs. took it to the dealer to find out its the alternator. car is still under warranty so its covered.
there is a recall on the Veracruz (ours is a 2008) that takes care of the ESC OFF light and the sticky shifter
Do you have a recall reference number? Mine just started acting out today. I have 66K miles, 6K more than the bumper to bumper warranty covers. Any help would be appreciated.