Q: strong smell of gasoline and chugging when running on 1990 Ford Taurus

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this started last thursday and the dianostic had to be discontinued due to car over heating Fan is not running
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First and foremost, you need to absolutely fix the fan and then make sure that the engine can run and not over heat. Then deal with the other issues.
my fan quit working in my car also. i went and bought a new fan motor and now it works like its supposed to. as for the strong gas smell check and make sure you dont have a leak on the fuel line going to the motor. the chugging could be due to some clogged fuel injectors.
Okay, if it is a clogged fuel injector, what do I do. I have a 1990 honda accord lx that idles erraticly which was the intake manifold gasket and I fixed it. But there still seems to be a leak of some sort under the hood. I checked my hoses. When I spray starter fluid near the manifold it seems to want to die out then it starts again. Bad gas milage, rough idle, chugging from the tail pipe....HELP ME PLEASE SOMEONE!!!! 209-626-0691