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Q: Strange problems with 323I 1985 on 1998 BMW 323i

it's a 1985 but it won't show that on the list.

Transmission: Automatic
Engine: 2.3L straight 6.
Fuel injected
Runs on petrol
Medium sized sedan

My car is a strange one, i've recently purchased it.
The main problem is it's lack in power and these things apparently are meant to FLY.
When I start my car and go to drive off, I'll push full throttle and it will go from like 800 revs to 900 until it picks up some speed and get to 1500 and eventually 2000 revs on full throttle.
The revs is different to my accelerator most cars rev depending on how far the pedal is down, mine kinda does otherwise.
if I'm cruising at 70 KPH (43 MPH), this is what it's like with the pedal:
0% revs normally for that speed I guess which is about 1.5
25% revs at maybe 1.6
50% revs at maybe 1.8
75% revs at maybe 2.4
100% starts reving at 2.5, builds up to 3 then 3.5, pretty slowly.
110% (when i click it) goes straight to 4 revs builds up, screams and doesn't seem to have much of a difference which i'd expect.

Other than that, I might be paranoid but I think my petrol is draining WAY more than expected, these things are meant to apparently be good on fuel.

And if it helps and might be to do with the engine problem, my engine fans on the radiator turn on when i put the igition ON :/ even it the engine is off and they seem to stay on when the engine is on as well, also I have multiple electrical problems around the car.

Hmm, and if you think it's the fans being on that makes the performance bad, you could be right but the fans are controlled electrically and not actually attached to the camshaft.

So in basics, doesn't rev like it should, when it does rev it feels like it should be going faster at them revs.
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Sounds like you have some problems....more than one, for sure! Cheap attempt fixes for lack of excel. 1. replace fuel filter. 2. See if you have a clogged exhaust system (primary culprit the cat. converter. But could be the muffler and pipes). 3.Check your air filter. Engine cooling fans on all the time...could be you have the A/C switched on. Fans also opperate when you have the climate control switched to defrost. Other than that, time for a technician!
hi there pal, i have a 1985 323i e30 and having the same problem before..what i did? i have adjusted my distributor to left turn but dont do it much ihave to observe also the difference in every 2mm adjusment until i've got the right adjusment and wella! my car is flying and could take an 80 kph within 4 seconds...hope it will help you too. i'm on facebook (boyet cabasagan) of riyadh
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