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Q: Strange noise when braking hard on icy road and/or dry pavement on 1998 GMC Sonoma

I just had my brakes replaced on all four wheels which included the rotors being turned. I noticed that if I brake real hard on dry pavement that there was a loud noise (kinda like a boing noise) that came from the front which resembled a spring being stretched (the best description I can come up). This noise is more prevalent when I brake on icy roads since it is much easier to lock the wheels when braking in slick situations. The only time it makes this noise is when the brakes lock the front wheels. I do not have any kind of abs brake indicator that comes on the instrument panel and I was told by the mechanic who heard the noise when he was riding with me that this is the abs pump. I'm trying to confirm that this is the problem before I go out and purchase a new/rebuilt/used abs pump. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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Did this noise only occur after the brake job? May be an installation error. Have the ABS module tested for diagnostic trouble codes. Do not replace the ABS pump, it may be getting a faulty signal from a failed wheel speed sensor. This can be diagnosed and monitored with a quality scan tool. Brakes are a safety component, so do not take chances.
I don't know if this noise was present before the brake job or not as I don't remember having to brake hard before. I only noticed it making the noise when I had to hit the brakes hard one day after they were replaced. We have had some icy streets today and I noticed when I would brake on this icy streets that the wheels would lock when I hit the brakes and it was still making the noise.
Your answer is A.B.S. brakes, or automatic braking system. This works by pumping the breaks for you when the wheels slip. If it bothers you to bad remove the A.B.S. fuse, but remember to put it back in when going for inspection, as the inspector will fail the vehicle for the light being on. NCS
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